Short list

At Cloud Agent you can not only look up vendor profiles (see long list) but you can also view few price models of vendors. Through standard catalogs with the most important service attributes, Cloud Agent is able to directly create guideline quotations (instant quotation). If we didn’t record price models online, we will send you the desired guideline quotation (Quotation with delay) in a few days. This result is called Shortlist.

Create your short list

If the service catalog is not suitable enough or too complex, the demand can be communicated to us directly. As a result we will either create a new standard catalog or ask the vendor directly for suitable guideline quotation.

Contact to Cloud Agent

The process

  1. Buyer configures services (Sizing, Data location, Monitoring, SLAs etc.)
  2. Cloud Agent generates quotations (instantly or with delayed) based on configuration
  3. Buyer chooses quotations for short list

The deliverables

  • Generated quotations with pricing information of vendors
  • Profile of vendors
  • Other information (service descriptions) of vendors