Long list

In the course of digitalization, companies are faced with the challenge to find the right partner in the huge number of vendors in the market.

For certain digitalization topics specialized vendors are needed whereas other Cloud Services only require a generalized vendor.

Cloud Agent takes care of this issue and maintains a database with over 3000 vendor profiles. The vendors are recorded by a research team as a so-called basic profile, then checked by the vendors as well as Cloud Agent and marked as verified.

Our detailed service catalog allows you to select the services as well as the most important service levels. After the order all providers are listed, which can provide the necessary services. Several providers can be selected in the list, for which we create an online profile. The result is called Longlist. You do not have any price information yet, but a large list of possible vendors.

Create your long list

Certain service contain price information and that is why you can receive directly an online guideline quotation.

More about short list

The process

  1. Buyer configures main criteria (Data location, SLAs etc.)
  2. Buyer chooses profile type (quality)
  3. Cloud Agent shows profiles matching the criteria
  4. Buyer chooses eligible vendor profiles for long list

The deliverables

  • Basic profile: information from vendor website
  • Verified profile: vendor verified the profile
  • Premium profile: vendor has contract with Cloud Agent